Omsk State University and
Mathematical Department of OmSU

Omsk State University was founded in 1974 by a group of young scientists from Novosibirsk. At that time there were only two departments at the University: Humanities and Science and about 40 teachers worked there. The students of history, philology and law departments studied at the Humanities department and Science department trained students in physics, chemistry and mathematics. And in December 1974 a worker's department was opened (it is the preparatory department). Now there are 10 departments and 4 divisions in OmSU: Mathematical, Physical, Chemical, Economy, Law, History, Philology, the Department of International Business, the Department of Foreign Languages and the Department of Arts, Theology, Psychology, Area Study and Culture Study division.

The university occupies 5 buildings. Four of them are in Neftyaniki and fifth is nearer to center.

OmSU is the aim of many applicants from Omsk, Omsk region and Kazakhstan and little from other cities, because in many fields (Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Economy and etc) it is best high school in Omsk.

I'm studying at the mathematical department of OmSU. Our Department is situated in the first building of the university - together with departments of Physics and Chemistry. Every year about one hundred applicants became the students of our department. Not all of them can stay at the university to the fifth year. During two first years we, students-mathematicians, have to get basic mathematical knowledge in Algebra, Analysis, Analytical Geometry, Logic and etc. History, English, Physical Training, Economy, Philosophy are also compulsory for everyone. In the beginning of the third year students choose their specialization. Some students decide to go in the second group (and study more theoretical mathematics (more topology, more complex analysis, more differential equations, then in other groups)). Some students prefer to be a teacher (they study elementary mathematics, children's psychology and pedagogy) and they study in the first group. Some students want to be a programmer, they go in third group and study programming, methods of computation, theory of algorithms. And the others study economy (mathematical methods in economy, optimization in economy and etc). Each student also chooses his tutor, who helps him in his work. After five years of studying everybody can enter post-graduate course, of course if he can pass entrance exams. I am studying in the second group and I want stay here in the next year, I want to study pure mathematics.

Student's life is not easy. Twice a year student has to pass his exams. Some students study every day week by week, they hardly work all year and they usual pass their exams; some students study only during the examinations, they hardly work 20 days and they usual pass their exams; but there are many students, who doesn't study, they usual don't receive grants.

There are many interesting traditions in mathematical department. The fist of April and about three days else are mathematics' days. In these days students have an unofficial holidays, during which they can take part in fun competitions and shows. Also The Initiation go of in these days.

I very like my department and I proud of my studying here.